Hair Transplant Canary Islands

Reviews from our clients

“The truth is that I was beginning to develop a bit of a complex about my hair loss when I read in Binter magazine an article written by Dr. Jiménez. I accepted the quotation I was given (the best decision of my life). Everything about the place made me feel at home and the treatment I received from the staff was superb, but the best thing of all was the result. It has given me a lot of confidence in myself. I have an enormous amount of faith in this clinic and the work they do. I tell you from the bottom of my heart that if you have the same feelings of insecurity and the same complex as I did about your hair, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the clinic and arrange an appointment.
I am so extremely grateful to all the staff and of course to Dr. Jiménez..”

Transplant for hairline recessions with FUE


“The intervention in my particular case was a small one to address an area that was beginning to thin. Dr. Jiménez explained in perfect detail the steps I had to follow, the intervention itself and its consequences. O The postoperative period was fantastic, I followed the car instructions that Dr. Jiménez had suggested to me and everything went perfectly. After a few months, I began to notice my hair growing in the areas that had been thinning and I felt very content. However, somewhat further back from where I had had the intervention my hair was continuing to thin, and so I had no hesitation in repeating the procedure. As I write this, I can say that the result is simply spectacular, and nobody would think that I had had a hair transplant because the transplanted hair just looks so natural.”

Transplant for young man with receding hairline


“The whole experience was very good, though the process was a bit long because I needed a number of sessions.
The treatment I received throughout was excellent from a highly qualified and very friendly staff. Thanks to them, the whole experience was a lot easier to deal with.
The post-op period was fine, I felt no pain or discomfort. Everything went well. The doctor is a superb professional, as well as a fine person, always very attentive and willing to offer advice..”

Lowering frontal hairline and covering recessions in a female patient


“I decided I wanted to improve my appearance, and one of the things I needed to deal with was my hair. I had so little of it left. I began looking for information and seeking the advice of professionals. They recommended this clinic to me. Dr. Jiménez Acosta was present at all times. The intervention lasts quite a few hours but is very painstaking work.”


Hair transplant for advanced alopecia