Lowering frontal hairline and covering recessions in a female patient



My personal experience


The whole experience was very good, though the process was a bit long because I needed a number of sessions.
The treatment I received throughout was excellent from a highly qualified and very friendly staff. Thanks to them, the whole experience was a lot easier to deal with.
The post-op period was fine, I felt no pain or discomfort. Everything went well. The doctor is a superb professional, as well as a fine person, always very attentive and willing to offer advice.

Comments by Dr. Jiménez Acosta


This patient came to our clinic because she was unhappy with the position of her hairline which, in parts, was also receding quite heavily. In women, the hairline is normally some 5 to 6 cm above the centre of the eyebrow and extends horizontally without recessions. However, there are some women who have natural recessions and a high hairline, as was the case with this patient.
In the ‘Before’ photograph, we can see the new planned hairline drawn on the patient’s forehead. The ‘After’ photograph shows how the result looks completely natural and is totally undetectable. This case shows that a hair transplant is an excellent way to cover recessions and lower the hairline in female patients.