Transplant for young man with receding hairline



My personal experience


The intervention in my particular case was a small one to address an area that was beginning to thin. Dr. Jiménez explained in perfect detail the steps I had to follow, the intervention itself and its consequences. On the day of the operation I approached the clinic with a shaven head and without the slightest apprehension, to the extent that I even dropped off during the procedure. The postoperative period was fantastic, I followed the car instructions that Dr. Jiménez had suggested to me and everything went perfectly. After a few months, I began to notice my hair growing in the areas that had been thinning and I felt very content. However, somewhat further back from where I had had the intervention my hair was continuing to thin, and so I had no hesitation in repeating the procedure. As I write this, I can say that the result is simply spectacular, and nobody would think that I had had a hair transplant because the transplanted hair just looks so natural. The type of transplant carried out by Dr. Jiménez leaves no trace of a scar or mark of any type. It is totally painless and guarantees a perfect result. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second

Comments by Dr. Jiménez Acosta


This patient received 660 follicular units harvested with the FUE technique using a 0.9 mm diameter punch. The wounds left by punches of this size are undetectable, even if the hair is left short. They can only be seen if the head is completely shaved.
FUE is ideally suited for a young patient with mild androgenetic alopecia like this patient.