Why choose Dr. Jiménez Acosta as your hair transplant surgeon

1. Extensive and proven experience: performing hair transplants for over 20 years.
2. Accredited training: the only Spanish doctor to have completed the year-long hair transplantation training course (fellowship at the prestigious Stough Clinic in Arkansas) recognised by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

3. National and international prestige among his peers: fellow members of the ISHRS have acknowledged the work of Dr. Jiménez Acosta by granting him the Platinum Follicle Award, the first Spanish transplant surgeon to receive this recognition.

4. Worldwide renown in the field of hair transplantation: Dr. Jiménez Acosta is the author of various chapters in the five most important textbooks on hair transplantation, which are consulted throughout the world by other surgeons as reference books (the editors of the books are Walter Unger, Marc Avram, Alfonso Barrera, Robert Haber and Dow Stough, and Sam Lam).
5. See the results we have achieved for our patients: each surgeon is different. The best way of knowing whether our transplants are effective is to see the results and know the opinions of our patients.

6. State-of-the-art transplant techniques: We use both the FUE and the FUT (strip) methods: the choice depends on each particular case. We do not choose the technique that is most comfortable for us, but the technique that is most appropriate for each patient.

    1. The advantage of having your transplant performed in the Canary Islands: if what you are looking for is a discrete and confidential environment, Gran Canaria is the ideal place to enjoy a few days of rest so that you do not have to give unnecessary explanations in your usual social circles during the post-transplant recovery period.